01 December 2022

The Christmas Crib shows the Nativity in life-size. It is composed of 18 cedar wood statues lying on a larch wood half-dome structure which has been manufactured in our factory.

The inauguration took place on Saturday 3 December with a delegation of Authorities from Friuli Venezia Giulia, led by the Governor Mr. Massimiliano Fedriga who has declared: “The nativity scene is a very important showcase for our Region.
It makes our artistic excellence to the global Community with a glance at the environmental sustainability. Furthermore, the decision to use the roots of the trees broken by the “Vaia” storm to create the cradle where the portrayal of the baby Jesus will be placed, matches an important spiritual link between the nativity scene and our Region"”.

Ph: Christmas Crib in St. Peter's Square - Vatican - Rome.

Eleven wood sculptors and craftsmen have dedicated their time to carve the Christmas Crib: Mr Stefano Comelli, art director of the project, Arianna Gasperina, Corrado Clerici, Hermann Plozzer, Father Gianni Bordin, Andrea Caisutti, Paolo Figar, Isaia Moro, Martha Muser, Renato Puntel and the Ukrainian artist Oleksander Shteyninher (in Italy since 1999). The set-up was conceived with high attention to the values of sustainability. No tree was cut down to provide raw material and even the cradle that will house the child is made from intertwining roots of the trees which felled by the “Vaia” storm. Furthermore, each character in the work shines, thanks to the light design project donated by the Croatian company Skirà to the Municipality of Sutrio. With a high attention to the tradition, the Holy Family is represented with baby Jesus in an attitude of serenity and he has the classic features of the newborn wrapped in swaddling clothes placed in a manger. The Madonna is depicted on her knees, to the left of the Child Jesus, Saint Joseph, standing to the right of the child holds the small lantern which is the symbol of light and hope, which illuminates Jesus. The ox and the donkey are with realistic features and they lie down next to Mary and Joseph. Above the nativity scene, on the dome of the cave, at a height of about 7 meters from the ground, there is an angel who is the light for everybody. There are also traditional and local characters like the carpenter, the weaver who recalls the feminine work of many women of our territory and the Cramar who carrys a wooden chest on her shoulders. Beyond there are a shepherdess and a family with three figures joined in an embrace. The Friulian Christmas crib will remain open in St. Peter's Square - Rome until the Epiphany 2023.