More and more citizens choose to live, work and spend free time in to sustainable communities. Wood plays an important role in the building sector and sustainability goes hand in hand with certified wood.

For this reason, when we work, we prioritize the environmental and social principles, we produce large Glulam wood structures by obtaining the raw material from sustainable forests. Inside our factories, we follow the best environmental practises by a constant check of our performances with the aim of limiting the impact that our products have on the planet.


Our whole activity is built around two main pillars: sustainability and raw materials.

Eurostratex - Green Building - Sostenibilità


The most of people call "sustainability", we call this "respect". That is the result of the good choices made in the past and the adoption of these guidelines for more than two decades, the use of renewable materials, clean energy to process them, the environment where we work, our border territory full of history, expert craftsmen and collaborators. Real "sustainability" non a slogan.


Wood is the only building material which is fed by the sun. It is constantly regenerating itself and, it is collected on a controlled basis in the forests where the forest management programmes are respected. Over 80% of the forests in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region are PEFC® certified and they increase the volume of wood almost 1 million cubic metres each year. All the surrounding areas can play an important role in the building sector bringing employment and income for the communities of the inland areas. As the climate changes, wood is capturing the global attention, now we better understand the big impact of the buildings in greenhouse gas emissions. Structural components of the traditional constructions like concrete and steel, have a great carbon footprint and they are high energy consumption materials. The replacement of concrete and steel materials with renewable materials as wood can have a significative impact in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and in the climate mitigation.

Eurostratex - Green Building - Materia prima
Eurostratex - Green Building - Energia


The energy that we use in our processing plants comes exclusively from renewable sources. We are close to reaching carbon neutrality. The territory is fed completely by energy which comes from a hydroelectric source, the bio-masses produce thermal energy for the heating our offices, factory and for the houses nearby. Our "footprint" is imperceptible because it is sustained with energy without fossil fuels. We can do that because we use branches and wood waste from the nearby forests so that we can feed the bio-mass boilers. The CO2 cycle ends without any consequence for the environment.


We compete everyday with our neighbour states for the first place title of the respect for the environment and for the defense of bio-diversity. Today, this area is totally "carbon free" and there are three different nations which produce hydroelectric, photovoltaic and biomass energy, which is enough to power our communities and our businesses. By avoiding the use of fossil fuels, we dramatically reduce CO2 emissions. We are proud to work in an environment close to "zero" emissions and to contribute effectively to reduce the global rising temperature.

Eurostratex - Green Building - Ambiente
Eurostratex - Green Building - Territorio


Actually, we work in this part of Italy which was the first entrance to the Latin area. This was the border of Roman Empire for centuries. Here, the history of Italy was made, here everything speaks of a melting pot of cultures made by the Celtics first, then Austrians, Slovenians and Hungarians together with the Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia. The First World War swept away several generations from our valleys. Here, we have fought for every inch of land to keep our borders defined by our ancestors. From here, from this Italian corner, located between Slovenia and Austria, we continue to enhance and make known our centuries-old history made of authentic Made in Italy.


The ancient Romans had already defined the people of this land (Karni) as strong and determined people with great ability in woodworking. They were commissioned for the most important wooden construction works. The "Serenissima" REPPUBBLICA DI VENEZIA knew this well, and for centuries it used our craftsman for the construction of the arsenals along the Adriatic Sea and then throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Ports, construction of big warehouses, large boats have been manufactured with wood collected from our mountains, worked and installed by our master carpenters. This is our solid historical basis with people who have learned every secret of wood over centuries of work, who pass it down from through generations.

Eurostratex - Green Building - Persone