Since the reconstruction of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region after the earthquake in 1976, our companies initiated the wood building activity with our century old experience, a deep knowledge of timber inherited from the old master carpenters.

The building solutions with Glulam wood, the large dimension beams, the building systems for wooden roofs and glass facades are our strength with which we are able to customize and to carry out your own project. A team of skillful technicians who can work together with the General Contractors and Architects in order to perform a feasibility of large wood roofs or Multi-storey buildings for social Housing or hospitality. Our site experts work together with the companies to reduce transportation, the building time on site and the generation of waste.


Our founders started the first production of GLULAM wood in the 70s but we have been collecting experience since the 18th century.

The history of EuroStratex is the continuation of the Companies EuroHolz and Stratex, now combined under the new brand which thus brings together the most important people, their experience, without losing anybody or anything.

Therefore, the story is perpetuated, the activities are re-launched, the roots inside the land where they were born continue to grow and increase, year after year, like the growth rings of a tree.

Eurostratex - Company - Strategy


We are ambitious to carry out projects for public and private organizations and work together with the General Contractor and Building companies for the construction of multi-storey buildings, elevations of existing buildings, business centers, social housing, school complexes, shopping centers, hotels, resorts and residential centers. We are projected into a programme of adoption of new technologies, new products to level ourselves with the main European competitors in this sector. The goal is to involve the local companies to growth in a "short value chain", to enhance what nature increases yearly in the certified renewable forests of Friuli Venezia Giulia. We want to grow in the international tenders and in the construction of prestigious works as it already happened in the past.


For us that is a must. We have grown, generation after generation by innovating and challenging change. We have overcome difficult and hard times during which we have redesigned our products, experimented new technologies and introduced new criteria in business management: a continuous change. We are continuing to invest and developing new products and methods. In doing so, we guarantee our customers the best solutions, cutting-edge, functional, safe and beautiful as the "Made in Italy" requires. We are proud of it.

Eurostratex - Company - Design & Engineering
Eurostratex - Company - Certifications and Collaborations


We have certificates to guarantee the customer for each activity and product that we supply: CE marked material, certification of the production of large Glulam beams, PEFC® chain of custody, ETA certification on the walls platform frame.


We have been part of the FVG Wood Supply Chain for years. We have been and we are its promoters and supporters. We are associated with Federlegno in the Assolegno group and we have been collaborating with the most important international design studios. We are honoured to cooperate with the Studio Stefano Boeri - SBA in Milan, Studio De Lucchi, Rossi-Prodi, Renzo Piano, Mauricio Cardenas and with the large companies Salini, We-Build, Condotte, Rizzani De Eccher, Pizzarotti, Vittadello, De Marco and many others.

Eurostratex - Company - References
Eurostratex - Company - Work with Us


Our company is part of a group with different activities in the wood sector. We are a reference in Italy and Europe in various wood product categories. Our history has always been supported by the great passion for wood always aimed at creating products, solutions and homes for healthy, natural and sustainable environments. Wood is the prince of our buildings in which ergonomics and usability are designed to make them accessible to everyone. This is why we are looking for collaborators who can share our philosophy and who have the same passion for wood as we have, since 1830.

On this basis, contact us and propose your application.