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A know-how full of history

The RE-birth of EUROSTRATEX which gathers the heritage of two large FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA companies

Since the reconstruction of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region after the earthquake in 1976, our companies initiated the wood building activity with our century old experience, a deep knowledge of timber inherited from the old master carpenters.

The building solutions with Glulam wood, the large dimension beams, the building systems for wooden roofs and glass facades are our strength with which we are able to customize and to carry out your own project. A team of skillful technicians who can work together with the General Contractors and Architects in order to perform a feasibility of large wood roofs or Multi-storey buildings for social Housing or hospitality. Our site experts work together with the companies to reduce transportation, the building time on site and the generation of waste.

Green Building

More and more citizens choose to live, work and spend free time in to sustainable communities. Wood plays a important role in the building sector and sustainability goes hand in hand with certified wood. For this reason, when we work, we prioritize the environmental and social principles, we produce large Glulam wood structures by obtaining the raw material from sustainable forests. Inside our factories, we follow the best environmental practises by a constant check of our performances with the aim of limiting the impact that our products have on the planet.  



Over the years, abilities, experiences and skills have been developed. They help us every day to make the most suitable choice for each specific project and for each customer’s request. From large wooden roofs, to the construction of wooden school Centers, or multi storey buildings, each choice is led to respect environmental criteria and Euro codes 2018 for the construction.



Our range of references varies from diverse areas, where Eurostratex always brings careful design, sustainability, effectiveness, elegant and impactful aesthetic results. From the industrial plants, up to theaters, airports, sports complexes, riding dooms, we have tackled each project with skill and speed, also creating few of the most popular pavilions of Expo Milano 2015.


01 December 2022

Christmas Crib in the Vatican

The Christmas Crib shows the Nativity in life-size. It is composed of 18 cedar wood statues lying on a larch wood half-dome structure which has been manufactured in our factory.

The inauguration took place on Saturday 3 December with a delegation of Authorities from Friuli Venezia Giulia, led by the Governor Mr. Massimiliano Fedriga who has declared: “The nativity scene is a very important showcase for our Region.
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05 November 2020

Eurostratex (re)-starts

The Company, reborn by the recovery of all the experiences of the historic Friuli reconstruction companies, has started up again. Since the end of October 2020, the factories have been reactivated after the stand-by due to the acquisition of the business unit. Thus, it has started the production of special, extra long GLULAM wood beams up to 40 mt long again which is one of the most important strength points of Eurostratex along with Timber Frame walls CNC machine.
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12 October 2020

Ursula Von der Leyen – Use wood for the constructions

Building with wood is good for the economy, the planet and health. The President of the European Commission in her speech to the general states of the European Union said that “the way to build must change, with the use of sustainable materials and with wood that stores CO2.
The President has underlined how important the use of sustainable and renewable raw materials will be. The best architects in the world are trying to carry out projects with wood as the primary element for structures, finishing and facades.
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